What Does it Mean to be a Good Citizen?



You just finished a very important and LARGE project.

You learned:

  1. What the Bill of Rights is and what it protects.
  2. What liberty, justice, and freedom are and decided what each of those ideals meant to you.
  3. What it means to be a good citizen and what good citizens do in the community.
  4. How to create either a PowerPoint presentation or a YouTube video outlining what it means to be a good citizen and your group's ideas on liberty, freedom, and justice.

You wrote a journal about your experiences in the group, including:

  1. What you learned about yourself and your group concerning freedom, liberty, justice, and citizenship.
  2. What went well for your group.
  3. What didn't go as planned for your group.
  4. What part of the project you had the most fun doing.

Along the way, you built on our ideas of a classroom community, and became a little closer with each of your group members. Now it is up to you to model these teachings and decide how you want to be a good citizen and what your beliefs, values, and attitudes are toward the world in which we live.

Excellent Job!