What is Acceleration?

Process - Review & Pretest


1) What has the most gravity?

a) A ball
b) You
c) The Sun
d) The Earth

2) What has no gravity?

a) A book
b) A cat
c) A planet
d) None of the above

3) If you drop a heavy ball and a light ball, which hits the ground first?

a) The heavy ball
b) The light ball
c) Both land at the same time
d) It changes every time you try

4) Is there gravity in space?

a) Yes
b) No

Potential and Kinetic Energy

5) Does a car going down the highway have kinetic energy?

a) Yes
b) No

6) What has the most potential energy?

a) A ball on the floor
b) A ball up on a shelf
c) A ball hanging from the ceiling

7) Can something have kinetic and potential energy at the same time?

a) Yes
b) No

8) What type of energy does a baseball have before you throw it?

a) Kinetic Energy
b) Potential Energy


9) Which one of these is not an example of acceleration?

a) A car starting up at a stoplight
b) A car slowing down for a stop sign
c) A dog sleeping on the floor
d) A dog jumping in the air to catch a frisbee

10) If a car is going 50 miles per hour for an hour, does it have any acceleration?

a) Yes
b) No