What is Acceleration?



You learned:

  1. What acceleration is.
  2. What acceleration does.
  3. How to calculate acceleration.

You reviewed:

  1. Gravity
  2. Potential Energy
  3. Kinetic Energy

You wrote a journal about your experiences with the WebQuest, including:

  1. What you remembered about gravity, potential energy, and kinetic energy and what you forgot.
  2. What you learned from the Acceleration Lesson and Acceleration Activity and what was hard for you to understand.
  3. What you wanted to learn more about.
  4. If you were the teacher, what you would change about the WebQuest, the Acceleration Lesson, or the Acceleration Activity and why.

Along the way, you built on our ideas of gravity, potential energy, and kinetic energy. You got a small work out. You got to listen to a great song and see some beautiful cars. Most importantly, you acted like a real scientist to discover what acceleration is all about.

Excellent Job!